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The Carolina Inn Best Rate Guarantee

Find a lower rate and we’ll match that rate and give you an additional 10% off your reservation.

You will always get the best available rate when you book on The Carolina Inn’s website. In fact, our online rates are the same as the rates available by phone. If you find a lower rate prior to, or within 24-hours of securing your hotel room, simply submit a Best Rate Guarantee Claim to us and we will honor that lower rate plus 10% off.

*Claims must be submitted at least 24-hours before our 3 PM standard check-in time.

You’ll Receive These Benefits When Booking Directly with Us!

CUSTOMER SERVICE Reserving on our website is quick, clear and simple. Should you have any questions, you can call 919.933.2001 for instant support anytime, day or night.

NO HIDDEN FEES Many online travel sites charge extra fees for online bookings. We don't.

PERSONALIZED EXPERIENCE By securing your stay directly with The Carolina Inn, your reservation will be customized to suit your needs creating a personalized experience such as adding on amenities or booking dinner reservations during your time in Chapel Hill.

BEST HOTEL INFORMATION Get the most robust information about The Carolina Inn. Everything from guestroom information to meetings details, and wedding and event planning…not to mention our stunning photography.