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December 24, 2010 | 11:25 AM

2010 Gingerbread House Competition Winners

The Carolina Inn would like to thank all of the participants in this year's Gingerbread House Competition. The artistic talent shown in this year's contest made for another exciting display of gingerbread houses at the Inn. 

First Place winners received a $100 South Point Mall gift cerificate and Dinner for Four at Carolina Crossroads Restaurant. Second Place winners received a $50 South Point Mall gift certificate and Brunch for Two at Carolina Crossroads Restaurant. 

The winners of this year's contest are:

Adult: 1st Place Winner - Amalia Bolivar
Adult: 2nd Place Winner - Francesca Monachino

Youth: 1st Place Winner - Lynalese Kindy
Youth: 2nd Place Winner - Margret Conrad Troop #378

Congratulations to all our winners! Information regarding the 2011 Twelve Days of Christmas and Gingerbread House Competition will be posted online next fall.

November 05, 2010 | 04:39 PM

The Carolina Inn's 8th Annual Gingerbread House Competition

The Carolina Inn welcomes all talents to enter in our 2010 Gingerbread House Competition!

Download Entry Form

The competition is open to everyone, professionals and amateurs alike, except employees of The Carolina Inn and their immediate family and/or household members. The contest includes a separate adult and youth category. Entries are accepted from individuals or groups of up to 5 members.

Deadline for entry forms is Friday, December 3, 2010
Via Fax: 919-918-2795
Via Email:
Via Mail: 211 Pittsboro Street, Chapel Hill, NC 27516 Re: 12 Days of Christmas, Attn: Heidi Werner
Drop Off: Drop off your form at the front desk of the hotel at any time. Clearly mark envelope, Attn: Heidi Werner.

• To be eligible for the competition, a signed and completed entry form must be received by fax or mail prior to 5PM Friday, December 3, 2010. Entries that are not pre-registered will not be accepted. 
• Only one entry per entry form is permitted.  
• The 2010 Gingerbread House Competition Entry Form must be signed by the individual entering the competition. If the individual is younger than age eighteen by the date of the competition, a signature from a parent or legal guardian is required along with the minor’s signature.
• Entry numbers will be assigned upon receipt of completed entry forms, and competitors will receive a letter or email with entry number confirming their entry into the 2010 competition. 
• Team entries are allowed under the following guidelines:
o Complete one entry form for the team that only includes the team captain’s contact information. In the case of school groups or girls or boys scout troops entering the competition, the classroom teacher or troop supervisor should be listed as the team captain and provide his or her contact information.
o A separate typed list of each team members’ first and last names, along with ages, should be included with the team’s entry form.
o A signature from a parent or legal guardian will be required for each team member under eighteen years of age.
o In the event a Team Entry places in the competition, the team captain will be the recipient of any prizes. Distribution or splitting of any prize will be left to the team captain to determine. 
o A Team should consist of two to five individuals working on a single entry. No more than five individuals are allowed to work on a single entry.

Note:  Due to limited display space, we can only accept 20 entries 10 Adult and 10 Youth by order received. Only one entry is allowed per household.

In the event you are no longer able to compete in our Gingerbread House Competition, please call our Twelve Days of Christmas concierge at 919.918.2755.

Adult (15 and older)  
Youth (15 and under)

Note: Teen and Child competitors may be supervised while baking, for safety precautions, by a parent or guardian. However, all gingerbread house construction, design and decoration must be done by the individual(s) entering the competition.

Competitors are not limited to the structure of a house. We welcome and encourage competitors to uniquely design their entry for this years’ competition, as long as the entry is in keeping with the competition Rules & Procedures.

Entries will be judged by the general public and our Pastry Chef. The entry with the highest number of points in its category will be the winner. Entries will be judged on each of the following criteria on a scale of 1-5: Overall Appearance, Originality & Creativity, Difficulty, Precision, and Consistency of Theme (theme should be competitor’s own and consistent throughout entry). Winners will be announced on Monday, December 20, 2010 and will be posted on our website.


  • Entries must not exceed 1.5 feet in height, 1.5 feet in width, or 1.5 feet in depth, including the board used as a base. We suggest using ½” or ¾” plywood as a base for your entry.
  • Write your name, entry number, address, and phone number on the underside of your base.
  • Entries must be made primarily of gingerbread and entirely of edible products (except for the base). Candies must be unwrapped. Edible materials are not limited to sweets.
  • No artificial display materials, such as styrofoam or interior lighting, are to be used in the construction of the house.


  • Entries accepted Friday, December 10, from 9:00 am 12:00pm. Entries that are not pre-registered will not be accepted.
  • Please check-in with our front-desk agents the day of delivery and they will direct you to one of our ballrooms where we will store all our entries by category and in order of entry number.
  • The competitor’s name, entry number, address, and phone number must be labeled underneath the base.

Note: We reserve the right to refuse any entries deemed inappropriate for display at the hotel.


  • Entries will remain on display in The Carolina Inn lobby starting Saturday, December 11 through Monday, December 27, 2010.
  • Entries may be picked up Tuesday, December 28th from 9:00 am to 12:00pm.
  • Entries will be discarded on Wednesday, December 29th. No exceptions.

Category Place Prize
ADULT-First Place: $100 South Point Mall Gift Certificate and "Dinner for Four" at Carolina Crossroads Restaurant.
ADULT-Second Place: $50 South Point Mall Gift Certificate and “Dinner for Two” at Carolina Crossroads Restaurant.
YOUTH-First Place: $100 South Point Mall Gift Certificate and "Brunch for Four" at Carolina Crossroads Restaurant.
YOUTH Second Place: $50 South Point Mall Gift Certificate and “Brunch for Two” at Carolina Crossroads Restaurant.

How to Enter
Deadline for entry forms has been extended to Friday, December 3, 2010
Via Fax: 919-918-2795 Attn Heidi Werner
Via E-mail:
Via Mail: 211 Pittsboro Street, Chapel Hill, NC, 27516 (Re: 12 Days of Christmas, Attn: Heidi Werner) 
Or, you may drop forms off at the front desk of the hotel at any time. Clearly mark envelope “Attn: Heidi Werner”

Note: Due to limited display space, we can only accept 20 entries (10 Adult and 10 Youth), by order received.

Group or Business Name: (If applicable)  
Competitor’s  or Group Captain’s Name:  
Street Address:
City, State and Zip:

Daytime Phone:  
Evening Phone: 
E-mail Address: 
Preferred method of contact: 
Category for Entry: (Check one)   Adult   Youth                             
Type of Entry: (Check one)   Individual   Group
Type of Entry:  (Check one)   Professional   Amateur

I understand that to be eligible for the contest, I must complete and return this entry form by December 3, 2010 and be accepted into the contest by The Carolina Inn. In addition, I must deliver my completed entry Friday, December 10, 2010, between 9:00am and 12:00pm with competitor name, category, address and phone number on the base on I have read all requirements and understand that my entry must be completely edible and primarily made of gingerbread. I understand that my entry will be on display at The Carolina Inn from December 11 – December 28, 2010 and relinquish all responsibility from The Carolina Inn for any damage to my gingerbread house caused by public display. Winners of the competition will be announced Monday, December 20, 2010 and posted at as well as our Twitter and Facebook pages.

Signature of Applicant:_____________________________________Date: __________________
If the applicant is younger than the age of eighteen (18) by the date of the competition, please complete the section below.

I affirm that the applicant listed above is ______ years of age and will independently design, construct and decorate the entry to be submitted.

Applicant’s date of birth (required for Applicants under the age of 18):_______________
Signature of Parent or Guardian:___________________Date: ________________

*NOTE: Group entries should only include the group captain’s information. A secondary list of each group members’ name and signature should be included along with date of birth and signature from a parent or legal guardian if under 18 years old.

October 31, 2010 | 12:45 PM

Southern Style Red Bean Soup with Shrimp, Chorizo and Crystal Hot Crema

Autumn brings beautiful seasonal color changes, falling leaves and an abundance of new food items to be used in your fall cuisine. Chef Jimmy Reale from Carolina Crossroads Restaurant shares his recipe for Southern Style Red Bean Soup with Shrimp, Chorizo Sausage and Crystal Hot Crema, a hearty and flavorful soup sure to be a crowd-pleaser this season.

Southern Style Red Bean Soup with Hot Crema


1lb       Dried red beans-soaked in water and refrigerated overnight
¼ c      Oil
5 oz     Chorizo sausage, small dice
2 T       Garlic, fine chop
½ c      Onions small dice   
½ c      Yellow peppers small dice
¼ c      Green peppers small dice
¼ c      Carrots small dice
½ c      Celery small dice
1 T       Thyme, chopped
1 T       Chili powder
1 T       Cumin ground
2 c       Can chopped tomatoes with juice   
2 qts    Chicken broth
Cider vinegar to taste
½ lb      Small shrimp, peeled and deveined
Crystal Hot Crema (Recipe follows)

Crystal Hot Crema
½ c      Sour Cream
1 T       Lime juice, fresh squeezed
Crystal Hot Sauce, to taste

1. Place oil in a pot over medium heat
2. When oil is hot add chorizo sausage and begin to render fat
3. Add garlic, onions, peppers, carrots, celery, thyme, chili powder and cumin
4. Season with salt and pepper then sauté for 5 minutes
5. Add red beans after you have discarded the water
6. Add tomatoes and chicken broth and stir well
7. Bring soup to a simmer and continue to cook until beans are finished
8. Add shrimp just before serving and cook until shrimp is cooked through
9. Skim any fat off of soup and discard
10. Taste and season with salt and pepper if necessary
11. Add cider vinegar
12. Use a hand blender and pulse soup a few times just to give it some body
13. Add more chicken broth if necessary

Place soup in a bowl and drizzle with crystal hot crema

Come into Carolina Crossroads today and enjoy Chef Jimmy's fall menu. We look forward to seeing you soon! 

September 10, 2010 | 02:38 PM

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding and Reception Venue

Our very own, Social Catering Manager Devon Schwartz was featured on The Green Kangaroo blog. The Green Kangaroo specializes in unique wedding invitations and stationery. Her expertise in the wedding planning field was sought after to learn about her insider tips when choosing a wedding and reception venue.

Here is an excerpt from The Green Kangaroo’s blog:
Devon, what are the top things couples should consider when looking at wedding and reception venues? There are so many things to consider! The biggest key is to do your research on your venue and vendors before committing to them. Check those references!

Read the rest of Devon’s recommendations.

August 01, 2010 | 07:40 PM


Our best memory of the Inn is the night of our engagement, November 22, 1995. The Inn had just reopened after renovations and we had dinner in the Crossroads, followed by a stroll to the Old Well for the proposal. We have spent many memorable occasions since then at the Inn, now with our children in tow. It is nice to have some special place so close to home for a quick getaway.

July 26, 2010 | 10:43 AM

Summer Watermelon Recipes from Chef Jimmy Reale

Summer brings an abundance of fresh local fruits and vegetables including a childhood favorite - watermelon. Chef Jimmy Reale, from the Carolina Inn's Crossroads Restaurant, shares his recipe for Watermelon and Feta Salad, a delicious light summer dish that brings watermelon back for adults.

Watermelon and Feta Salad
Serves 4


2 cups             Baby Arugula
1 oz                Extra Virgin Olive Oil
4 cups             Seedless Watermelon, Diced Small
4 oz                Crumbled Feta Cheese (Hillsborough Cheese Company is my favorite)
To  Taste         Thin Sliced Red Onion
2 oz                Fig Balsamic Syrup (see below)
1 Tbsp             Fresh Mint –Julienne

Method: Fig Balsamic Syrup
12 oz               Dark Balsamic Vinegar
3 oz                 Dried Figs

1)      For fig syrup, reduce dark balsamic vinegar and figs by ¾ over low heat.
2)      Strain and let cool.


On four separate plates place arugula that has been lightly tossed in olive oil. Portion the watermelon, feta, red onion and mint on all plates. Drizzle with fig syrup right before serving and enjoy this wonderful summer appetizer. Click here for a printable version of this recipe.

 *For more delicious ways to enjoy watermelon, visit The Carolina Crossroads Restaurant and try Chef Reale's Summer Watermelon, Grilled Halloumi Cheese, Arugula, Picked Cottle Farm Cucumbers, Jalapeno Peppers, and Radishes with a Citrus Vanilla Vinaigrette.


July 23, 2010 | 09:46 AM

Vice President Joe Biden Visits The Carolina Inn

Vice President Joe Biden was at The Carolina Inn last night for a Democratic party fundraiser. Secret Service agents and local Chapel Hill police worked steadily to ensure that the Inn was ready for Biden's 6:30pm arrival.

200 guests were in attendance for Vice President Biden's speech which included a welcome by Gov. Beverly Purdue and covered topics from the economic recession, to the Gulf Oil crisis and the growth coming from our RTP area.

July 23, 2010 | 08:10 AM

First Visit to Chapel Hill with friends visiting from Finland

What a lovely introduction to Southern charm and hospitality for our friiends visiting from Finland. Our daughter is interested in attending UNC, so we planned this trip to visit the University. The Carolina Inn far exceeded our expectations. What a wonderful suprise it was to discover that Vice President Biden was expected at the Inn as well.....unfortunately we never got a glimpse of him, but the anticipation of his arrival enhanced our overall experience.

July 02, 2010 | 04:26 PM

Hot New July Specials at Carolina Crossroads Restaurant & Bar

Looking for a great way to beat the heat this July? Check out our new menu specials at Carolina Crossroads Restaurant & Bar. Each day brings a different summertime special:

Mondays- Chef's Summer Tasting Menu: Buy One, Get One Free.
Choose a Three, Four or Five Course Menu

Sip & Slide Tuesdays- Three House Made Sliders & a Draft Beer for $10

No Whining Wednesdays- Half Priced Wines by the Glass

Thursdays on Tap- $3 Drafts All Day

Fridays on the Front Porch- Live Bluegrass Music, Cool Drinks & a Summer Picnic Menu. Starts at 5:00pm

Saturdays- Double Reward Points for our Culinary Rewards Members. Join Today!

Bloody Good Sundays- Half Priced Bloody Marys & Small Plates

*Don't miss our July specials running all month long:

Locals Rule- Show us your driver's license with your Chapel Hill/Carrboro address and we'll take 10% off your dinner bill in July

Dinner at Dusk- Three Course Menu for $39 available Tuesday through Sunday for diners seated before 6:00pm

Click here for a printable calendar. Keep one on your fridge, in your office or in your car so you always know what's happening at Carolina Crossroads!

June 26, 2010 | 09:49 AM

Uncle Sam Visits The Carolina Inn

The hot weather didn’t keep people away from last night’s Fridays on the Front Porch. The crowd was entertained by live music from The Gravy Boys and a special appearance by Uncle Sam! Uncle Sam worked the crowd while juggling from atop stilts.

He visited The Carolina Inn to spread the word about the special holiday edition of Fridays on the Front Porch taking place on Sunday, July 4th from 2:00pm to 7:00pm. Stop by and enjoy live bluegrass music from Big Fat Gap, cool drink specials and a summer picnic menu. Fireworks and entertainment at UNC’s Kenan Stadium begins at 7:00pm so stop by the Inn before walking over to the stadium.

Even if you will be at the beach for the 4th of July, start the weekend off right at Fridays on the Front Porch on July 2nd from 5:00 to 8:00pm. The Gravy Boys will be back to perform their popular Acoustic Americana music.

 A special thanks to our juggling/stilt walking Uncle Sam – Duane Deardorff!

June 26, 2010 | 03:39 AM

May Wedding

My husband and I are both Active Duty military and once we had decided on The Carolina Inn for our wedding and reception, we designated my mother as coordinator while we attempted to overcome the time difference to communicate with the wedding planners at the beautiful inn. Not only was the staff more than flexible and accommodating, they were exceptionally helpful and calming on the day of our wedding! We couldn't thank them more for dealing with our crazy families & wedding day with ease and professionalism!

May 23, 2010 | 01:56 PM

Contest Winners Visit The Carolina Inn

My wife and I were recent winners of 4 nights accommodation at the CI and 3 rounds of golf. We knew from looking at the web site that it was going to be nice but we had no idea how nice. The Inn was elegant as expected but the town and the campus surroundings were also terrific. The Golf courses we played were all excellent and the weather made it so special. As we recently celebrated our 46th anniversary, we decided to have a special night at the Inn with dinner at the Crossroads Restaurant. We were certainly not dissappointed. As we have family in Charlotte, we were able to visit them and spend some more time in the south end of N.C. but after all the years and visits to Charlotte, we now know that there is so much more here to see and do and we will be back. We thank all of those concerned for their hospitality.

May 21, 2010 | 08:51 AM

Twenty Three Reasons to Visit North Carolina

After a recent trip to Chapel Hill and The Carolina Inn, Norm Woods, owner of GolfScene Media, reflected on his visit with “Twenty Three Reasons to Visit North Carolina.” Below are his top five reasons:

1) The Preserve - A Davis Love III Signature Golf Facility
2) Room 180 in The Carolina Inn, AAA Four Diamond Hotel built in 1924
3) Gene Fones, the affable General Manager of The Preserve Golf Club
4) Tasting North Carolina Wine made primarily from Muscadine Grapes and Vinifera grapes (there are now 76 wineries in North Carolina)
5) Walking Franklin Street, the main street in Chapel Hill - full of boutiques, restaurants & students

To read the full list, click here.

May 18, 2010 | 02:29 PM

Summer Visits to Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill: just the name – like San Francisco, New York, and Chicago – elicits in the American mind its own particular personality, a vaunted history, even a mood.  Hillsborough: a town where time hasn’t stopped, but where history has been preserved.  And Carrboro: North Carolina’s progressive, idealistic mecca for artists of every kind.  Orange County.  To call it a national treasure, while not inaccurate, undermines its importance in the contemporary life of this country.  What’s truly remarkable is that cities like New York and Chicago count there populations in the millions, while our towns are still just that:  towns.  And it’s no exaggeration to say that there are no other towns like them in America. 

History, that sepia patina, plays a part in all this.  The first state university is here, founded in 1789, which means it was the first institution of higher learning where all a young man or woman had to do was get here to take a class, and the only state university to graduate students in the 18th century.  Over two hundred years later it’s the doing the same thing, but better, changing as the world around it changes.  It’s constantly innovating and remains a model for universities everywhere.  Thomas Wolfe, one of the greatest writers America has produced, came here in 1915, when he was only fifteen years old.  He predicted that that his portrait would one day hang in Old West near that of North Carolina governor Zebulon Vance, and he was right: it still does today.  Other literary luminaries soon followed, and many of them have changed the face of contemporary American literature: Russell Banks, Taylor Branch, Shelby Foote, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, and Armistead Maupin, to name a very, very few.

What’s harder to see is how a similar history is being made right now.  There are more world famous writers in Chapel Hill, Carrboro and Hillsborough, per capita, than in any other place in the world.  You can see them everywhere, meet them in the produce section of the grocery store, sitting at the table next to yours in a restaurant: you can even say hello, and tell them how much you love their writing (rumor to the contrary, they can’t hear that enough).  Do something particularly outrageous and who knows: you could end up in their next book.  Give it a shot. 

Chapel Hill, to this day, is sustained by the arts, and it sustains everybody with its art.  This is a community where art is practiced and perfected, and where professionals from around the world come to play, dance and sing.  Memorial Hall, on campus, hosts everybody from Yo-Yo Ma to Earl Scruggs, dance and drama from all over the world, one-stop shopping for the sort of culture that teaches while it entertains. 

On the other side of campus is Playmakers Repertory Company, whose productions are staged in Paul Green Theater.  Playmakers is considered the leading theater in the Carolinas, and has been honored by the Drama League of New York as one of the best regional theaters in the country.  Recent offerings include The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, an ambitious eight hour stage play, Romeo and Juliet, and The Glass Menagerie

And, as almost everybody knows, the Art of Basketball is performed here September through April, and more often than not it’s performed at the highest level, an exemplar of what human beings can do with a round orange ball.  You can see them rise like dancers, turn and spin, elegant and powerful, smart and fast as lightening.  Not unlike our literary tradition, famous practitioners of the art have lived and played here, including the greatest man to have ever played the game, Michael Jordan.  In this last decade alone two national championship banners have been hung from the rafters of the Dean Smith Center.  And yes: you can see our artists there as well, cheering along with half the population of the entire town. 

But this decidedly world-class offering of cultural happenings doesn’t end on campus: it radiates through the entire county like a ripple on the surface of a pond.  Carrboro hosts so many festivals you might think there’s one happening there every single day of the year: there are film, poetry, comedy, dance and music festivals.  In Hillsborough, there’s the annual Handmade Parade, featuring giant puppets the likes of which you’ve never seen before (trust us).  Just to maintain an appropriate balance between the arts and . . . everything else, Hillsborough also hosts Hog Day, now in its 28th year, a down-home traditional pig-picking and barbeque contest, and the largest classic auto show in the state.

No, you will not go hungry in Orange County.  World-class cooks – two James Beard finalists – live and work here.   On Franklin Street alone – Franklin Street being Chapel Hill’s one and only drag – there are over fifty restaurants, from the elegant to the ridiculously informal.  And many of these establishments serve the freshest produce you’ll ever eat, because local farmers drive into town from their farms, dozens of which surround us like a great wall of organic goodness.  

It sounds like a polyester promise, but there’s something for everybody here.  The Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro is the only significant music club between Washington D.C. and Atlanta, so for a little town we get the biggest bands.  About a mile away, The Ackland Museum in Chapel Hill hosts over a dozen of shows every year . . . Oh, it’s tempting to continue, because once you start thinking about what’s happening here you realize that there’s very little that isn’t.  Even the weather is perfect.  Come at your own risk, because after coming you may not want to leave.  Even our buildings are adorned with murals.

Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Hillsborough, Orange County: It’s not one thing: it’s everything.

-Written by David Wallace for the Orange County Visitors Bureau

May 10, 2010 | 12:58 PM

Making History at The Carolina Inn

A graduation ceremony was held on Friday, May 7thfor the Sales & Catering Team of The Carolina Inn. Each staff member completed a seven-week training class on the history of The Carolina Inn and was treated to a program by the Inn’s historian – Kenneth J. Zogry, Ph.D.

The unique history of the Inn and the important relationship between the Inn and The University of North Carolina was described as each employee read The University’s Living Room by Kenneth Zogry. From the Inn’s beginning in 1924 through the New Deal Era, Civil Rights movement and into present-day, The Carolina Inn has remained a fixture on the campus of UNC and truly is the University’s living room.

Click here to view an interactive timeline of the Inn’s history. Also, on your next visit to the Inn be sure to view our new historical photo display.

Front row – Jim Phelan, Tracie Panko, Beverly Ingram, Alison D’Agostino, Elizabeth Rubio, Ashleigh Collins

Back row – Terri Nier, Elizabeth Bischoff, Kenneth Zogry (Inn’s Historian), Margaret Oppegard, Julie McCay, Mark Nelson






May 03, 2010 | 08:52 AM

Best Dish of North Carolina Contest

The Carolina Crossroads Restaurant has been chosen as a fine dining finalist in the 2010 Best Dish in NC Contest. The contest, held annually by the NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, aims to determine who serves the best food in the state using ingredients that are grown or produced in North Carolina. Click here to read more about the contest and other participating restaurants.

Executive Chef Jimmy Reale and his culinary team will be showcasing the following dishes during the month of May as part of the contest:

Appetizer - Grilled Local Asparagus, Arugula, Prosciutto di Parma, Hillsborough Cheese Company Ricotta, Crispy Latta Farm Poached Egg, Aged Sherry Vinegar, Za’atar Oil

Salad – Organic Arugula Salad, Red & Golden Beets, Hillsborough Cheese Company Feta, Toasted Hazelnuts, Blood Orange Vanilla Vinaigrette

Entrée– Roasted Chatham County Poulet Rouge, NC Fingerling Sweet Potatoes, Local Asparagus, Caramelized Cippolini Onions, Zucchini, Roasted Chicken Jus

Our featured dishes showcase local produce and North Carolina products from Latta’s Egg Ranch, Hillsborough Cheese Company, Red Farms, Sonny’s Pride Scott Farms and local area farmers markets.

A team of mystery judges will be sampling our featured dishes and a contest winner will be announced later this summer. Stop by our restaurant to try these featured dishes and earn double points toward our new Culinary Rewards Program.

Check back on our blog to see photos of our featured dishes, recipes and chef tips on making the most of local produce.

April 27, 2010 | 09:20 AM

Carolina Crossroads Culinary Rewards Program

As a guest of the Carolina Crossroads Restaurant and Bar, you have experienced our graceful dining atmosphere, enjoyed our impeccable service and savored our unparalleled menu. As a way of saying thanks for being our valued customer, we have created a new loyalty program that rewards you just for dining with us.

With our Culinary Rewards Program, you'll earn points every time you dine at the Carolina Crossoads, so you can enjoy more great food and good times on us. As a member, you'll earn one point for every dollar you spend at the restaurant and bar. Once you have accumulated 300 points, we'll give you a $20 Carolina Crossroads gift card that can be redeemed any time at our restaurant - it's that easy! Additionally, rewards members will receive special invitations to Members Only events and offers, as well as preferred reservations on high demand dates.

Enrollment in the program is simple - and free! Enroll now or register in person during your next meal with us. And just for signing up, you'll receive 25 bonus points to get started.



April 22, 2010 | 08:28 AM

Earth Day - Destination Style

Destination Hotels & Resorts proudly supports Earth Day at all of our properties.  As the 40th Anniversary of this day is being celebrated by millions of people all over the world, our properties celebrate the day in unique and impactful ways.  From our urban historic hotels, to our beach-side resorts, we strive to do our part in being good stewards of the environment.  We plant trees, host Earth Day fairs and recycling drives, and offer local and organic menu items in our restaurants.  Many of our properties donate a percent of sales to community and environmental organizations and for several of them this will be an employee Bike to Work Day.

When you stay at Hamilton Park Hotel or The Inverness Hotel on Earth Day, you will be given seeds you can take home with you to plant.  At the Carolina Inn you will receive one of those fabulous, ever-so-handy reusable tote bags.  InterContinental Tampa and Royal Palms Resort are planting herb gardens on their grounds, and The Inn and Spa at Loretto and Vail Cascade will be cleaning up their local rivers.  Slow down and waive to the employees from Stowe Mountain Lodge and Sunriver Resort when you drive on the highway near those properties…today they will be out in full force cleaning up the roads!

April 21, 2010 | 09:45 AM

UNC and The Carolina Inn Celebrate Earth Week

On Monday, April 19th the UNC Sustainability Office held its first annual “Farm to Fork” event in Gerrard Hall to celebrate Earth Week. The event featured guest speakers and local food tastings provided by the Lantern Restaurant, Green Planet Catering, Vimala's Curry Blossom Café, Carolina Dining Services, Neal’s Deli and our very own Carolina Crossroads Restaurant. Executive Chef Jimmy Reale and his teamed served a delicious Greek Salad with local hydroponic Bibb Lettuce, radishes, Sunburst tomatoes and fresh goat cheese.

Below is a listing of the local vendors and farmers the Carolina Crossroads used for their Greek Salad:

Bibb Lettuce - Green Haven Farms

Red Radishes - Cottle Farms

English Cucumbers - Barham’s Farms

Sunburst Tomatoes - Sunburst Tomato Company

Feta Cheese - Hillsborough Cheese Company

The Earth Day celebration continues on April 22nd at The Carolina Inn with a prix fixe menu at the Carolina Crossroads Restaurant designed to showcase local and organic ingredients. Stop by to try our three course menu for $55 person, four course menu for $65 per person, and five course menu for $75 per person. Call 919-918-2735 or visit the Carolina Crossroads for reservations.  




April 16, 2010 | 10:18 AM

To Right These Wrongs Publication & Film Event

History was re-visited last night in The Carolina Inn’s historic Old Well Room. The Inn was host to the publication event of To Right These Wrongs: The North Carolina Fund and the Battle to End Poverty and Inequality in 1960s America. The book, written by Duke Professor Robert Korstad and UNC-CH Professor James Leloudis, focuses on the North Carolina Fund’s efforts to end economic and racial inequality in the state.

The event highlighted an eight minute film of Governor  Terry Sanford calling for racial equality in a 1963 speech in The Carolina Inn’s Old Well Room. Click here to view and download the speech.

Guests were also treated to a discussion with the authors moderated by William Friday followed by a book signing with the authors. Historical 1960s photography by North Carolina photographer Billy Barnes was displayed in the Alumni Room.


March 30, 2010 | 08:34 AM

Chef Reale Celebrates Earth Day at Briar Chapel

On Sunday, April 18th Briar Chapel will host a Celebrity Chef Charity Event featuring several Triangle Chefs demonstrating their favorite recipes using locally and healthfully grown foods in each of their model homes.

Executive Chef Jimmy Reale will participate as a Celebrity Chef for this event. Check out this interview where he talks about his job as a chef, using fresh local ingredients, and his participation in Briar Chapel's Earth Day event.

March 01, 2010 | 08:38 AM

UNC Yearbooks from 1890 to 1966 Now Available Online

Students can now access the hairstyles and favorite quotations of the students who preceded them with the click of a mouse.

University Libraries posted yearbooks from 1890 to 1966 online in February, offering the UNC community a resource to reflect on student life from more than a century ago.

The digitization of  the Hellenian and Yackety Yack yearbooks kicked off a string of projects conducted by the North Carolina Digital Heritage Center to provide online access to photographic collections, scrapbooks and pictures of museum artifacts.

Click here to view the full Daily Tar Heel article or view the digitized Yackety Yack online.

 UNC System President Erskine Bowles in 1966

 UNC Sports Radio Announcer 
                                      Woody Durham in 1963

 Author Thomas Wolfe in 1919

 CBS Newsman Charles Kuralt in 1955

February 27, 2010 | 08:22 AM

Wedding Trends at The Carolina Inn

On Sunday, February 7, 2010 The Carolina Inn hosted its annual Bridal Fair showcasing the area’s hottest wedding trends. While touring the inn and sampling delicious hors d’oeuvres, brides were treated to a display of local wedding vendors including cake bakers, florists, photographers, rental companies, and much more. Candy buffets, unique linen, table-top design, and musical entertainment options were all on display. Check out our photo album to get some ideas for your own wedding!

February 22, 2010 | 12:53 PM

Surely Blue Heaven

In December my father, son, and myself visited Chapel Hill and went to a Carolina basketball game. This might not sound that amazing except for the fact that we live in Torrance, California about a mile from the ocean. Yes, the same Torrance that is home to Deon Thompson. I lived in NC as a young boy and hadn't been back for over 30+ years and my son has never been there. What an amazing experience and visit we had. The Carolina Inn is just beautiful and has that southern charm that makes you feel at home. The entire town and university is so historical, so beautiful, and truly moved me. My son loved it so much he even told me he would love to live there, and so would I. Thank you Chapel Hill for one incredible trip.

February 17, 2010 | 11:04 AM

Saving Lives...with Used Soap

How many times have you stayed in a hotel and actually used the entire bar of soap or emptied the shampoo bottle?  Are you having trouble counting the number of times on one hand?  If your hotel doesn’t recycle or donate soap and shampoo, what you don’t use in your hotel room ends up in a landfill.  Hotels in the Destination Hotels & Resorts collection are joining the Clean the World program, an organization that recycles used soap and shampoo from hotels and donates the re-batched soap to impoverished countries and communities who need it most.  Hamilton Park Hotel & Conference Center, Carolina Inn, InterContinental Tampa and Embassy Suites at the Chevy Chase Pavilion are the first hotels in our collection to join this one-of-a-kind program.

Clean the World not only helps save lives in the countries it donates soap to, it diverts waste from our landfills and its recycling operations are run by Central Care Mission, a long-term recovery home for men in Orlando, Florida.  Central Care Mission helps keep men off the streets and provides them with life management skills while dealing with an addiction.  Work is an important part of the recovery for these men and running sterilization equipment and packaging recycled soap bars provides a necessary win-win partnership for both Clean the World and the Central Care Mission.   Divert from landfills, save lives and provide work to those in need…sustainability at its finest.

-Destination Earth


February 11, 2010 | 11:48 AM

Tough Game Against Duke

Another great game in Chapel Hill last night – it was close for a while but we couldn’t close the deal.

Win or lose – the UNC Duke rivalry continues to be one of the country’s biggest sporting events.

Click here for a time lapse video of last night's game -- it's pretty cool!

We love our Tar Heels and we know that this young, talented team will have its day in the spotlight.

In Roy We Continue to Trust

January 11, 2010 | 06:41 PM

Warm Birthday Memories

On December 5, 2009, my family came to the Carolina Inn for a birthday luncheon for my mother Helen who was 78 years young that day. Ten of her children and grandchildren gathered from Oregon, New York and Florida to celebrate with her. It was cold and rainy outside, but inside the Inn was warm and all aglow, beautifully decorated for Christmas. We all loved the whimsical "Twelve Days of Christmas" display complete with two live turtle doves. We enjoyed a delicous lunch served in the Carolina Crossroads Restaurant. Thanks for helping to make my mom's birthday such a fun and memorable one!

January 06, 2010 | 08:44 AM

Winner for Most Creative Gingerbread House Entry

Contestants in our 2009 Gingerbread House Competition had the liberty to choose their own gingerbread house theme and design.  The possibilities were endless and our bakers were very inventive! 

We are happy to announce the Holland Family's Fairy House as the winner of our "Most Creative" category.  Susan and Chandler Holland carefully researched the material going into their house for 100% prior use in European and Native American cuisine to create a very unique and enchanting display.

Some of the materials they used included: Tail, a fungi used in stew, and Reindeer Moss, also stewed as a thickener and cabbage substitute for sweetness. The little fairy placed next to their house was made from Marzipan and sat on a gingerbread bench at the back of a rock-wall made of edible chocolate stones bordered with candied parsley. The fairy was surrounded by edible, candied flowers in blue, and had an almond sliver path at her feet. The gingerbread wall of her house was made dark from molasses and covered in colored sugar crystals.

Congratulations to the Holland Family!  Thank you for participating in our 7th Annual Gingerbread House Competition.  We look forward to seeing next years' entries. 


January 06, 2010 | 08:13 AM

UNC Chapel Hill Tops Kiplingers' Best College Value List

Jane Bennett, Senior Associate Editor for Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine, explains that the effects of the recession continueto hurt public colleges and universities as state governments cut funding for higher education.  The schools selected for Kiplinger's top 100 best values in public colleges and universities "deliver strong academics at reasonable prices, in many cases by offering the same or more financial aid as in previous years." 

UNC not only attracts and keeps the nation's top students, but it also boasts "an outstanding faculty and a historic campus" as well as "strong state support for financial aid." 

The Carolina Inn is very proud to be at the heart of one of the top educational institutions in the nation. 

Click hereto read the special "Best College Values" report from Kiplinger.


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